Sociosmith is dedicated to the enrichment and empowerment of the community through creative development, entrepreneurship, and technology.

Community Development is an initiative that connects local youth with local businesses & non-profits to create websites and mobile apps. Our mantra is high impact at a micro level and we aim to neutralize the lack of access gap at its core by not only lowering the barrier of entry for our youth into creative and technology fields, but by mentoring them along their path of success.

Small businesses & non-profits can participate in the Community Development initiative and work with Sociosmith’s creative & marketing team to help find their organization’s voice and develop a strategy to increase their brand’s digital presence. The youth will work one on one with Sociosmith mentors to execute the day-to-day operations of the company including but not limited to product research, business development, web & mobile design, & brand development.

Our apprenticeship program is designed to be a 6-week immersive experience where youth learn the technical and soft skills fundamental to becoming entrepreneurs. They do this through participating in an intensive training experience that includes a personal assessment using a strength finders test, receiving training about personal brand, 21st century skill sets, soft skills, web design, and brand development. Youth will also be performing services and duties related to graphic design

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Small Business and
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